Würzburg Residenz

Here you will find information about our city as well as some helpful links, so that you can arrange your stay from home.

With almost 90 square kilometres and almost 130,000 inhabitants, Würzburg is not a mega city, but exactly this aspect makes a trip to our small city unforgettable. The picturesque location, the many sights and small festivals give the city its very personal touch. The charm of the beautiful wine country has to be experienced. Whether in summer or winter, in autumn or spring, Würzburg offers many attractions for everyone at any time of the year. In addition to a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Residenz, you will find many other opportunities to spend your leisure time in Würzburg.

Enjoy mild summer evenings on the old bridge over the Main River with a glass of wine and then visit one of the numerous wine festivals. Did you know? The old bridge over the Main resembles the Charles Bridge in Prague. In addition, it offers an ideal place to be impressed by the scenery of the vineyards, the fortress Marienberg and the Main at any time of the year.

Enjoy the night of the open wine cellars in autumn, visit the Mozart Festival in early summer, the Bach Days in winter or the Würzburg Christmas Market and let yourself be enchanted by the wineries of the region with mulled wine and Feuerzangenbowle.

Würzburg, whose castle is called Festung Marienberg (Marienberg Fortress), not only shines with its diverse sights, but in the overall ranking of cities with the highest quality of life in Germany, Würzburg ranks 35th out of 401 cities in 2018. In terms of “leisure and nature”, it even ranks 12th¹. Our city has certainly made this great place not only because of its many leisure activities and sights, but especially because of its undoubtedly beautiful geographical location. Situated in the middle of the vineyards, this 1300 year old town tells its own story through its historical monuments. Compared to the rest of Germany, the bishop’s town has a particularly high number of churches. In these about 60 churches – Catholic as well as Protestant – you can admire countless works of art from a completely different time.

In addition to the many city tours on offer, Würzburg can also be easily viewed with the City Train. It starts at the Residenz and takes you to just about every place of interest. Practically you can collect a lot of information about Würzburg on this occasion and finally see Würzburg from above on the fortress Marienberg.


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